Saturday, July 14, 2012

Making it happen, Keeping it happening.

 "Either you're working hard trying to make it happen, or you're working three times as hard trying to keep it happening. There's a difference between lifting something up and holding something up. There's two different degrees of strength.” - CeeLo Green

Some of you are familiar with CeeLo Green from the TV show "The Voice" and from the group "Gnarls Barkley" and maybe all kinds of other musical endeavors this talented music artist has been involved with.  I only knew of him from the show and the group myself.  However I just finished reading an article from the website with their picks of the 100 most creative people in business in 2012.  Being a musician and artist I like reading about what inspires people and what keeps them going creatively.  This was a very inspiring article for me.  

That whole article and a few of the others in that list got me thinking a lot about innovation and the proverbial box that needs to be thought outside of.  I have struggled with this my whole life trying to balance practicality with expressing what is truly running amok in my being.  There came a point where I said screw the practicality and just go for what is driving you Crazy ( that song by Gnarls Barkley is one that I can totally relate too) 

I am not having much luck on the musical front, mainly finding other musicians who want to  perform music that says something meaningful, matters, and is entertaining too.  I can make music happen but a lot of folks are pretty much stuck in the mainstream rut of "if it ain't played on the radio 40 times a day I don't want to hear it".  Really??? What a shame.  There is so much amazing music out there that unfortunately falls on very few ears, even with the influx of internet and phone apps that cater to personalizing a persons listening enjoyment.  So I guess that's where the keeping it happening part comes in.  

And then there is the jewelry design side of me.  Just like the music business it is very competitive and saturated with expectations on the latest trends and flavors and I've asked myself too many times, " so how do I keep my voice in that genre too".  I'm doing well, reaching out and continuing to travel down new roads.  Building a business takes time.  The learning curve,  the world wide web, fan bases, web sites, SEO.........

In re-reading my last two paragraphs I have to ask myself, "Are music and jewelry design that much the same?" 

The point I am trying to get to is one of perseverance and fortitude, experimenting with different mediums, and stretching the thought processes beyond what is immediately in front of your face.  What about branding and getting yourself out there not just in your designated circles but grabbing on to the fringes and tugging at them too.  That's what I've started to do and will see where it all takes me.  

I'm OK with the lifting and holding up part of both my creative out-of-the-boxes.  I believe that what I've started can only expand and grow because that is the nature of energy.  Keeping everything fresh, constantly, and being aware of my own consciousness and following that spark of an idea that takes me in another direction, again, is what keeps me strong and celebrating my creativity.  

Does that make me Crazy.......... possibly.  

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  1. I understand where you are coming from. To follow is not good... to be your own person can be lonely and frustrating in our creative endeavors. I have written myself expressing on my blog spot same feelings as yours.