Friday, May 4, 2012

Plant Impossible Gardens

More thoughts in my interpretive series on “How to be an Artist” by Sark


Plant Impossible Gardens ~
An Impossible Garden will never be done.  Since I bought my house in 1995 I have been expanding and expanding my garden.  I have a pretty good size city lot so it was easy.  I had to take down a bunch of Boxelder trees, they were icky anyway, to let some sun onto the yard.  The soil was clay so it literally took years to amend in order for most plants to grow.  A friend helped me build a vegetable bed behind my garage but that moved 12 years ago because the maple tree which I refused to take down got big and beautiful and completely shaded that area.  I moved the veggies to the back of the lot where there is sun all day and lots of room to cultivate a great crop.    
The flower beds started here and there and then spread to everywhere as plants were split and shared with friends and they in turn shared some of there overages with me.  As the garden thrived I kept making more room for it by replacing areas of lawn.  Every year I buy one perennial along with some annuals to change the texture and color for that year.  I put the annuals in pots and just move them around as the flowering season changes so there is always color in those areas where the blossoms fade and are done blooming.  
My trouble spot is in the front of the house which faces north.  It gets early morning sun on half and evening sun on the other half.  It has been a challenge even with the part sun plants.  The shade ones do just fine but they don’t provide enough color for me so I have chanced it with the part sun varieties.  I’ve lost a few along the way but I think I finally got it down now.  
The flower beds around the patio probably won’t change too much.  Those were the first areas I planted.  I may shift things but I’m pretty comfortable with them.
So why go into all this about my garden?  It’s life.  We start off with a little bit and then slowly add to the landscape of our lives.  What gets overgrown we trim, we share what we don’t need, take chances and expand our spiritual acreage so that we may learn more and grow in self awareness.  Sometimes we have to switch things around as we change with our own seasons and alter what feeds us to get ourselves back into the sunlight.  
We constantly evolve and change and grow.  Though some things will remain the same about you, your heritage and upbringing, those are the seeds of your garden and what you do with it is all up to you.  That knowledge and the experiences you gain on your life path is the freedom, joy and uncertainty of planting an Impossible Garden.  One that is never done.
Blessings to All


  1. great blog post!!! Stopping by from the artfire!!

    1. Thanks Stacy and thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoyed the post.