Thursday, March 1, 2012

Drawings on your walls

This new Facebook timeline thing got me thinking.  Not about the "OMG I was really hoping everyone would have forgotten about that party 5 years ago and what an ass I made of myself" moments that will FOREVER be imbedded in the web physique.  Not that I ever did that.  More about how far I've come in my music, my business and what cool friends I've made along the way and how that is reflected in the history, my personal history, through this timeline.  I know, it can be a little disturbing because we are such an 'in the moment' society now and most people never think that that post they clicked enter on will still exist 3 years from now somewhere, able to be retrieved from some archived data base in the back room of Facebook.

But this timeline - it reminds me of the cave drawings.  Those folks managed to record the events of their lives using the most convenient and practical materials at hand.  But their intent was that it would last for all time and be a documentation of their time on this earth.  Well, I guess you could say that is what a lot of our social media is today.  Modern day versions of cave drawings whether we want them to be or not.  If you choose to participate then you will live forever, or at least your words and pictures will.  Just like those cave drawings.

So, when you are "drawing" your status update today on Facebook or Google + or blog, just remember that you are a cave man. ( Bwaahahahahaha.  Ok I couldn't resist ) That word, that picture, that event, will be your mark in history.  Whatever your intent is, be it just ramblings of what you made for breakfast, promoting what band is playing this weekend, your political views, sharing a great photo or quote, it will reflect the things in life that mattered most to you at that moment in time.

So remember, ten years from now when your kids google your name and that post comes up about that party you were at, be prepared to do some esplainin' Lucy.


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