Saturday, March 21, 2015

Plant Impossible Gardens (2.0)

More thoughts in my interpretive series on “How to be an Artist” by Sark
Plant Impossible Gardens 2.0 ~
An Impossible Garden will never be done.  

We moved into a new construction house last summer so this is Impossible Garden 2.0 for me.  We have a blank pallet to work with so I'm thinking it will take years of playing in the dirt to fill all the spaces I want to fill.  

The landscaping and flower beds will start along the parameter of the house for now, then here and there and then spread to everywhere as plants will be split and shared with friends and they in turn  will share some of their overages with me.  As the garden thrives I will keep making more little areas at the corners, by the mailbox, wherever nature and my budget take me.  

The only shady spot I have now is along the north side of the house which borders a 1 acre retention pond we lovingly call The Bog.  It is filled with sweet grass and cattails, willows and goodness knows what else.  The rest of the yard is sun sun sun until all the trees grow up.  So, as my former house was mostly shade, my thought process and research has now shifted to drought resistant, critter resistant and native plants and shrubs.

The soil is good ol' Wisconsin clay, oh yay, so my veggie garden will be large and small raised beds, a lot of them. And because we now live in an area where the wild life is abundant, including a wonderful herd of deer, we'll be building a 6 foot fence around it, with a lovely trellised garden gate, and a sweet pathway to a magical spot under one of two original trees left standing after all the crazy construction, right by the edge of the The Bog.

So why go into all this about my garden?  It’s life.  We start off with just a bunch of dirt and then slowly add to the landscape of our lives.  What gets overgrown we trim, we share what we don’t need, take chances and expand our spiritual acreage so that we may learn more and grow in self awareness.  Sometimes we have to switch things around as we change with our own seasons and alter what feeds us to get ourselves back into the sunlight.  
We constantly evolve and change and grow.  Though some things will remain the same about you, your heritage and upbringing, those are the seeds of your garden and what you do with it is all up to you.  That knowledge and the experiences you gain on your life path is the freedom, joy and uncertainty of planting an Impossible Garden.  One that is never done.
Blessings to All