Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My take on the State of the Union

I have been quiet through all of the postings and rhetoric this election season.  I did my homework and read and researched.  I am an Independent.  I hold affiliation to neither of our two main political parties.  I am comfortable in what I believe in and what is important to me.  I’m smart enough to know that you can please Some of the people All the time, All of the people Some of the time, but not All the people All the time.  I am concerned about the “divide and conquer” mentality (our enemies are loving it), the anger on both sides, the missed opportunities to have meaningful debate, the state of the Middle East and of course the state of Our Union.    

We cannot rely on the government (and I mean ALL branches) to make things better right now. It is the same as it was two days ago.  Only WE can make it better mostly by our actions everyday in spite of what the government deems is “the best for America”.  We know that “the best for America” is a strong sense of self, how we as individuals add value to a society and community.  Whether it be the small or large business person, the waitress, the cabbie, the teacher, the soldier, yes and even the banker.  We all need to support each other and help each other in each ones journey through this process called the American Life.    

I love this country but I believe this country will not survive and prosper if half the population is supporting the other half.  Because some of the half that are the supporting cast will eventually give up and join the ranks of the dependent, and the others will just leave.  I know these words will piss off a lot of people.  We need to as a community of Americans show how to become self reliant and self determined again.  We cannot demonize people because they have a boat load of money or are living off the system.  There will always be rich people and there will always be poor people no matter what political party is in office and who controls Congress.  And there will always be people who hate what America stands for and will try and tear it down and try to make us like everyone else, creating a society of no hope to succeed or become better, and no dreams for a more prosperous, diverse and fulfilling way of life.   But, we weren’t born to be that way.  At least I wasn’t.  

I believe in equal rights, a balanced budget, taking care of our elders and veterans and those that are truly and honestly in need.  I believe that if you love someone and want to marry them you should be able to.  I believe in OUR Constitution which includes our right to keep and bear arms and protect ourselves.  That having a job, getting a paycheck, is a good thing.  That the government should stay out of religion and vise versa. I believe that the government should keep its nose out of any medical decisions my doctor and I make, and as far as abortion goes - that is between a woman and the God of her understanding.  

I believe that we as a nation need to protect ourselves by any means necessary from bad people who want to hurt us, both off shore and within our own borders.  I believe we ALL need to be held accountable for our actions.  I believe we need to be energy independent through ALL means and sources - coal, water, oil, wind, sun, fungus, you name it lets do it.  

I believe that a strong economic environment is the key to everything - more people working means more people paying taxes which means a lower debt - more national security in every sense of the word, less welfare, more self awareness and self reliance.  

I believe that we need to make sure that those folks who live in our country are here legally and if they are not to help them through the legal process of becoming Americans. My grandparents came to this country to become Americans.  Not Italian-Americans but Americans.  I believe that once you take your class, sign that paper, and take that oath you are an American, with whatever heritage or descendant background you bring with you.  I love diversity and love the faces of all of America.  But we are citizens of this nation and that makes us Americans. 

My state of bliss is not all fluff and lalalala, Omming, and the government will take care of it.  My state of bliss is having the fortitude to find what I love to do and work hard at it to make it successful because my Dad always told us “No one is going to hand it to you on a silver plater”.   My state of bliss is having that opportunity to make money to be able to support myself and family, my spiritual community, and my local community.  My state of bliss is having the ability to save for the day when I can rest and go fishing, or travel.  My state of bliss is having the amazing friends I have.  

This is the only political statement I have made and will make.  Be well my Friends.