Monday, March 19, 2012

~ Culitvate Moods ~
Week 4 in my interpretive series on “How to be an Artist” by Sark
It’s spring and for those of us gardeners it’s the most intense part of the season.  We have to prepare the dirt for planting.  This involves clearing the old dead stuff from last year, amending the soil so plants have the nutrients they need, and tilling to soften the soil so roots have room to grow.
Last year my husband helped me build raised beds for the veggies.  The reasons for this were twofold.  First, to help optimize the conditions for growing healthy veggies, and two to help me take care of them more easily.  I have a pretty busy schedule these days with running my jewelry business, a band, and a household.  But I did not want the garden to suffer.  It is too important to me.  
My Uncle Johnny had the most amazing vegetable garden which he tended for 70 years.  Every year the local newspaper would write an article about him and his remarkable garden. Through those years he figured out the best way to cultivate his garden for the most abundant and glorious crop which he always shared with neighbors, friends and family.  You see, it wasn’t just about what he needed.  Although he got so much joy from nurturing those little seedlings to a full harvestable plant, canning and preserving enough for himself for the year ahead, but he also made sure there was enough to give away.  I think he liked that part most of all because he grew up in an era where that’s what you did.  
I think about my Uncle everyday as I walk out to my garden.  His vision and passion and how hard he worked everyday.  My garden as his was is the culmination of personal history and heritage.  It is a reflection of everything else I do.  It’s indicative of the way I have tried to live my life. 

So every year as I do with the garden I clear away the old dead stuff that impedes my growth and put it in the compost pile so that it is transformed into rich life nourishing organic food.  I amend any negative thoughts and attitude with fresh and more effective positive energy.  I make sure that I remember to Stay Loose and Laugh a lot to ensure that I won’t get bogged down with life’s challenges so I have the healthiest outlook, room for my dreams to grow, and the ability to sing in the sunlight and dance in the moonlight.   
As with the raised beds this year it is my intention to keep improving on the way I cultivate my own happiness.  In doing this I know that I will always have enough love and compassion to not only sustain myself but also enough for family, friends, and neighbors.  
Thanks Uncle Johnny.  I miss you.  

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